Our Favourite Custom Stamps in 2017

In 2017, we were happy to work with more than a hundred clients to create custom rubber stamps. Some had with their artwork and logos ready to go, others came with just an idea. With our clients' inputs, we helped put their mental images onto paper, using our characteristic aesthetics and style.

The artwork were then produced in house into high quality polymer stamps which our clients used for product packaging, wedding invites and special gifts!

Just thought I'd share a handful of our favourite custom projects in 2017. Each stamp that leaves our little home-based studio in Tampines is made with our loving hands and we are proud of all of them - so tough picking just seven to feature!

(The following are scans from actual stamps that we designed and produced.)


#1. Randahl & Joleen
To date, still our favourite style of drawing humans - converting photos of people into simple, clean lines and beady eyes. 

parademade custom stamp randahl joleen

#2. Arvin & Ophilia
Prior to this, the humans we draw were cartoon-like (refer to #1 above). This was the start of many more realistic-ish caricature projects.

parademade custom stamp caricature

We met dear Marilyn from Flipping Notes at a pop-up market in 2016 when we were both starting out in our businesses. This customised alphabet set was created so she could make personalised wedding decor for her couples. Each letter design contained a Flipping Notes owl, can you spot it below?

parademade custom stamp flipping notes

#4. Joanne the Embroidery Extraordinaire
This was a gift from a student to her embroidery teacher in Taiwan. The design was inspired by a picture of her delicate embroidered florals. Handmade products + handstamped cards really go well together! Check out Joanne's pretty Instagram feed: @up_in_the_hill

parademade custom stamp joanne

#5. Terrence & Yanwen
Designing this was a little tricky because Lego figurines are characteristically blockish. Our goal was to make the beautiful bride look more curvaceous and organic, and less like a trapezium. :)

parademade custom stamp lego

#6. Jo-an & Stanley
This design was based on a photo from the couple's pre-wed shoot. Some couples might feel shy stamping their faces onto wedding invites so using a memento that has a special significance to them works good too. 

parademade custom stamp joan stanley

Salted egg yolk on potato chips from Yolkalicious are seriously yummy and addictive! We designed them this fun stamp so it could be used on special packaging during festive seasons. Wheee!
 parademade custom stamp yolkalicious happy holidays

Interested to have a custom stamp made? Check out our Custom Stamps page for more info.