Fringe Activity Booth

peranakan tile stamp printing singapore

Activity Blockprinting only Stamp Carving & Printing
Recommended for
  • Large crowds of all ages
  • Short durations of activity time
  • Small spaces
  • Tote bag/souvenior printing
  • Art festivals
  • Parent-child activity
Prices start from $200 nett/hour $250 nett/hour
Duration 5-10 min per pax 10-15min per pax
Participants bring home Stamped goods* Newly carved stamp + stamped goods*
Comes with
Custom stamps prepared in advance
Instruction sheet and templates customised to event theme

 Prices include:

  • Tools and materials, such as fabric-safe ink, for use during the activity
  • Instructor(s)
  • Transport and logistics
  • Blank postcards for printing


* Blank white postcards, upon request, are provided by ParadeMade. Specialised items such as tote bags, T-shirts and other event collaterals to be provided by client.


Rates may differ based on your requirements, e.g. number of participants and duration. Contact us at to get an accurate quote.