zheng jiahui parademade


In 2011, a passion project was borne out of curiosity, with nothing more than an eraser and a pen knife. Watching a nondescript piece of rubber slowly being carved away, before finally revealing its design upon printing, is a constant reminder to be patient, and mindful. 

My work has since been featured on various print and online media such as Buzzfeed, Channel News Asia and The Straits Times.

In the many years of mastering the delicate art of stamp making, I have developed a set of techniques ranging from handling of tools to special tips in inking and printing, which I share in my YouTube videos (Check it out here!). I am also a certified stamp-making instructor with Hankeshikun in Japan.

My style is lighthearted, clean and happy - this central theme runs through my projects and workshops. Clients that I have worked with included Unilever, Estee Lauder, Asics, amongst others. 

While I no longer take on commissioned projects, creative pursuits keep me energised, and I continue to sketch, make and dream. I welcome you to experience the joy of creating something by hand, today.