Learn Stamp Carving

ParadeMade invites you to begin your stamp carving journey in the comfort of your home, from anywhere in the world!

To get started, gather the Supplies listed below and head over to the ParadeMade Youtube Channel for step-by-step videos and behind-the-scenes of how our stamps are made.

For a beginner, you may also find the Stampaway with ParadeMade Workbook and its accompanying worksheets useful for helping you get started. They contain fun practice techniques and templates so you can learn to carve stamps in ParadeMade's distinctive clean and kawaii style. 

Grab yourself a Stamp Carving Kit here or use the following reference to gather your tools and materials.

Note: We are no longer conducting in-person workshops.


Rubber block 

We typically use Japanese rubber blocks, but you could use any printmaking block that is available in your location. If you simply can't wait to get started, regular school erasers work fine too. Bear in mind that you need to look for soft printmaking blocks; NOT linoleum sheets.

These brands make lovely rubber blocks that you could try out:

*Rubber blocks are available from our shop. Click here to be redirected.


Art Knife

To create the same precise and clean cuts that we teach in our workshops and workbook, you will need a basic 30-degree sharp angle art knife. This is the most important cutting tool that you'll be using, so keep it sharp by saving it exclusively for stamp carving. Replace the blade when it starts to drag at your block while carving.

We recommend:

U- and V-gouge

Although the art knife alone can allow you to carve any stamp, beginners will find these carving tools handy for tricky areas.


 Speedball Linoleum Cutter Assortment Set

tracing paper

Tracing paper

These are usually sold in packs of A4 sized sheets. Trim them into smaller pieces to make them more convenient to use.

2B pencil

A nice 2B pencil will be dark enough to transfer tracings onto your block. Do keep it sharp, or use mechanical pencil, so that your lines are even.

Ink Pad

Ink pads come a dizzying array of colours and effects so feel free to pick one that suits your needs best. The following ink pads are worth every cent for their high quality, plus they remain juicy and last a really long time.

Cutting Mat

In a pinch, use a thick pad of recycled paper to protect your table top from the sharp blade.

kneadable eraser

Kneadable eraser 

An easy way to clean up pencil marks, debris and excess ink off your stamps. Regular Kneadable Eraser or simply Blu Tack will do the job.



ParadeMade DIY Stamp Carving Kit

All our favourite tools and materials assembled in a kit! Ships worldwide, now available for purchase in our shop here  


Stampaway with ParadeMade Workbook and Worksheets 

Learn to carve your first stamp anywhere in the world with easy to follow instructions and lots of cute, hand-drawn templates. Purchase the PDF here



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