Dimensions & Pricing




To order a custom stamp with ParadeMade, all you need is a softcopy (digital drawing, scan or a clear, good photo) of your artwork in black and white (no greys or colours please). If you do not have the final artwork but have an idea in mind, we can assist you with the artwork creation with a small design fee. 


There are no 'standard sizes' and the dimensions of the stamps depend on your needs. We are able to make stamps of any size and shape that fits within 5.5cm x 9cm. To determine the dimensions of your stamp, you will have to draw the smallest possible rectangle that touches all four edges of your artwork.




Stamps are priced by dimensions of the printed area (see 'Dimensions' above).

Guide prices are as follows for your reference. Stamps come in all shapes and sizes, do not worry if the dimensions of your artwork do not fit into any of these sizes listed below - we are able to make a custom stamp for you as long as the artwork is no larger than 5.5cm x 9cm.

Email your artwork to hello@parademade.com with your required dimensions to obtain an accurate quote. 

 Stamp Size (maximum 5.5cm x 9cm) Price (including local Tracked Package)
 2cm x 3cm SGD 17
 3cm x 3cm SGD 20
 3cm x 4cm SGD 25
 4cm x 4cm SGD 29
 4cm x 5cm SGD 32
 5cm x 5cm SGD 36
 5cm x 6cm SGD 39
 5cm x 8cm SGD 43
 Design Fee SGD$10 and up



This is an estimate of the timeline involved in ordering a custom stamp from ParadeMade. Times may vary with the amount of work we have on hand.

 Step 1: Design phase (if required) 5-10 business days, depending on scale of work
Step 2: Payment via bank transfer or PayPal -
Step 3: Stamp Production 5 business days



We accept custom stamp orders only through email. Send us your your artwork (PDF, JPG, PNG, AI formats preferred) with the required stamp dimensions at hello@parademade.com


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