FAQs: Custom Orders


Q: Do you accept custom orders?

Yes we do! More information on custom orders at this link: https://www.parademade.com/pages/custom-stamps

Q: Will the final stamp look like my artwork?

This is our top priority when we make custom stamps. By using photopolymer rubber and technology, be assured that your custom stamps will look just like the original design.

Q: What materials do you use?

All our custom stamps are produced in-house with a high quality photopolymer rubber, which makes them durable and crisp for thousands of impressions. The stamp dies are mounted on a wooden block using a foam pad.

Q: Can you design the stamp for me?

Yes we are able to, with a small design fee. 


Q: Do you sell your handcarved stamps?

Due to time constraint, handcarved stamps are reserved for personal projects and special requests. We'd prefer to teach you how to carve your own in our workshops!