FAQs: Tips & Tricks



Q: How do I stamp evenly like you do?

Pat your stamp on the ink pad gently. Only the protruding surface needs to be inked; if the stamp is flooded with ink, the print may smudge.

Also, placing a piece of cloth or stack of paper underneath your stamping project helps in more even printing. It's always a good idea to practice on scrap paper first.

Q: Which brand of ink pad do you recommend?

Our favourite ink pads are from Tsukineko under the Versafine, Versacolor and Versacraft product range.

Q: How do I stamp on fabric such as cotton tote bags and T-shirts?

Use a fabric-friendly ink pad like Versacraft and Memento Luxe, then heat set with an iron for 30 seconds.

Q: My stamps are dirty. How do I clean them?

To clean your stamps after use, or before switching to another colour, spot clean with a damp paper towel or kneadable eraser.

You may give the stamp a quick rinse under the tap with a little soap, but DO NOT soak it in water as this may cause the wooden mount to warp.

Lastly, it's normal for stamps to be slightly stained. Like they say, a stamp which is completely clean, is one that's never been used!